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2 Bosses fall to the Riders in the last month!

Ozrack, Jul 27, 13 9:44 PM.
Horridon has been tamed and the Council of Elders raises concerns over the Riders growing presence in ToT.

Protector's and Tsulong down

Ozrack, Jun 10, 13 12:35 AM.
We forgot to take a pic of the Protectors' corpses so here's one before and after Tsulong.  BTW if you cast pets that auto aggro, they will attack the boss while you are trying to take a pic.

Jinrokh the Breaker down.. Riders #2 Alliance progression guild

Ozrack, May 18, 13 12:59 PM.
After making an AMAZING 2 shot kill, we have sky rocketed to #2 in guild progression alliance side.  I'm very proud that we have gotten this far with 100% Rider groups and only raiding 1 day a week. 

There is an error occurring atm that is keeping me from getting the pic posted, but well done to all.

Forgot to post these. Riders #3 Alliance Progression guild!

Ozrack, Apr 27, 13 1:41 PM.

5.2 brings down Blade Lord

Ozrack, Mar 17, 13 8:33 PM.
So-and-so has logged on!